Beard Style: Grab Attention With The Most Stylish Beards

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As the calendar marches on to No-Shave November (where did the year go?), many are getting ready to grow a new beard.  A beard can be looked at in different ways. On the one hand, an unkept beard may raise a few eyebrows about personal hygiene.  On the other hand, you will get a ton of positive vibes and admiration if you use beard care products and keep a well-groomed stylish beard.  So, if you had to choose which way would you go?  Well, the latter is the only choice that makes sense.  So what type of beard is good for you? Read on to find out the style for you.

What’s Your Face Shape?

The first step to growing an amazing beard is to figure out the shape of your face.  You could have:

  • A round face
  • A rectangular face
  • An oval face
  • A square face

Why is this important? Well, if you have a round or square face, the best option is to grow a full and long beard to give you the look of an elongated facial structure. The ‘beard anchor’ which is the hair on the chin area should be longer than the sides.  On the other hand, you should grow thicker sides if you have an oval or rectangular face contour. It’s not too hard determining the shape of your face. Now that you have that out of the way, next we’ll go over the different beard styles.

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Beard Styles to Choose From


This short and cropped style is also known as stubble.  Why wait for weeks for a full beard to grow when you can have on in little more than a week.  This is a great look for anyone seeking a textured and rugged look.

Natural Beard

When it comes to length and volume this is the beard style for you!  Let it grow to its full potential or trim to a comfortable length. Use products like beard butter and oils to maintain a well groomed and nourished full beard.

Manscape Beard

This is the perfect beard to take it to the next level.  It involved growing a full beard that is trimmed from all angles and perfectly shaped lines around the beard running across the top, sides and bottom of the beard.  This can be complemented with a styled or regular trimmed mustache style.

Tips for Growing a Stylish Beard

Growing a stylish beard doesn’t just involve aesthetic techniques.  You should also consider health and maintenance aspects of a well-groomed beard.  Here are three tips to consider after growing that stylish beard:

Eat well, Exercise and Stay Hydrated

Men with stylish beards focus on health.  They workout and eat right to rejuvenate and build their body.  Why not join this movement by taking care of what you eat on a regular basis?  Go for fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water. Strength training and cardio exercises is also recommended. You will be on your way to proper hair growth.

Keep Your Beard Clean, Brushed and Moisturized

A beard can still look unattractive even after getting an amazing cut or trim.  It’s your responsibility to comb and moisturize daily. Find a comb that leaves a smooth finish and no static to avoid frizziness.  Apply a moisturizer like beard butter to condition your beard follicles and the skin below. Also, use a beard oil for a stylish luster as a finisher.  We recommend using natural products to avoid chemical interactions with your skin and hair. Victory Premium offers an assortment of high quality beard butters and oils.

Trim Your Beard

If you’re trying new styles, pay attention to the best practices for trimming your beard. Learning new skills to trim and manage your beard are critical for a stylish beard.  You may also search for an experienced barber to regularly trim and groom your beard.

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