All You Need To Know About Beard Butter

Victory Premium Beard Butter


What exactly is beard butter?

Beard butter is typically a shea butter based formula mixed with certain oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, grape-seed oil or castor oil. This mixture hydrates your beard as well as promoting healthy beard growth, giving your beard a full appearance, and leaving your beard looking sleek and lustrous.  Beard butter is essentially a deep conditioner for your beard to soften the hairs and allow you to have more control of your beard so you can shape away loose hairs. Some of the best beard butters on the market are those made of all natural ingredients to avoid any synthetic ingredients and any other harmful ingredients that may damage your beard.

What are the benefits of beard butter?

There are many benefits from the use of beard butter. Beard butter soothes dry skin, provides a great hold, softens your beard and all around takes your beard game to the next level. Beard butter is very versatile in the fact that it can benefit you in many different aspects from making your beard smell great, being a styling aid, preventing itchiness and dryness,  and leaving your beard conditioned and healthy. The magic of beard butter is that it provides all of these benefits and then some with just a dime sized portion of butter.

Victory Premium Beard Butter

How to apply beard butter?

  • Start by rinsing your beard
  • Pat your beard dry 
  • Use roughly a dime sized amount of butter and rub it evenly through your hands
  • Work the butter into your beard, making sure to get every side of your beard and or mustache
  • Style your beard accordingly with a beard comb or brush

Victory Premium Beard Butter

At Victory Premium, we pride ourselves in using all natural ingredients that are 100% plant based. We wanted to create a beard butter that not only used natural ingredients, but also a butter that actually has an appealing scent. This handcrafted butter was made to cater to those who want to take care of their beard as well as using a product that they know is organic and healthy. By using these plant based ingredients such as Organic aloe leaf juice, Castor oil,  Vitamin E, and Shea Butter, this helps to promote healthy hair growth as well as skin care without the use of harmful chemicals. 

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